Dell Precision T5400

$499.00 (tax incl.)

Dell Precision T5400 is a Xeon Dual Socket based Workstation that supports ECC RAM. This unit has one…


Model: Dell T5400 Workstation build 2009

8 dimm slots in quad channel. 1 x Xeon e5420 with 1 extra socket

Dual card : NVidia Quadro FX 540 with NVidia NVS 310 ( 4 x display)

PCI-Express x 16 capable. Dual GPU support.

Memory: 4 x 1 GB Fully Buffered ECC HyNix RAM. Max memory capacity 64GB with 8 x 8GB

320 GB HDD and additional slot. Case fans x 4

Includes DVD ROM drive and FDD

Chasis: Full Tower ATX with lock.


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